Introducing Me!

Please click on the link to watch a brief introductory video:

walking out of the chapel

This is my husband, alex and I walking out of the chapel on the day we were married.



This is our “kid” Roary. Don’t worry, we don’t actually call ourselves pet parents.



This is Alex and I at prom. We get to go every year because I’m a high school teacher. Alex is thrilled.

I attended Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois and received my B.A. in 2007.   Majoring in art education and minoring in art history and studio art kept be very busy in my undergrad years.  After college, I moved to Lansing, MI and started teaching 7th-12th grade art at Lansing Christian School.  I am also the yearbook adviser.  This is my seventh year teaching at LCS and I absolutely love it.  Having years of experience under my belt gives me confidence to try new things and it helps me to know that failure is something I should not be afraid of.  I’ve had many lesson “flops” but I’ve learned from every single one of them.

As an art teacher, I will honestly say that I do not have a plethora of experience with struggling readers and writers.  I am not naïve in thinking that all of my students are able to read and write with excellence, but because art is quite visual, most struggles remain hidden when students are in art class.  However, as a yearbook advisor, I do encounter many struggling writers and often have to collaborate with their English teachers in order to help the student in the best way possible.  In my undergraduate classes, I took only one reading course and I do not feel like I know enough about teaching reading and writing to be the most effective teacher I can be. Below are a few photos from my painting classes.


A student focuses intently on setting up an engaging composition.


Another student works to address all of the shadows she is seeing.


Here is a close-up of the still- life they are painting.

Literacy related challenges are not a frequent challenge in my classroom but I teach next door to an English class and we have many international students who do struggle with learning English as a second language and along with that, they struggle to read and write in English at a high school level.  It’s a challenge to have ESL students on the yearbook staff as this is a publication that the entire school will be reading.

In TE 846, I hope to acquire skills to pinpoint struggling readers and writers.  I also hope to learn new ways to incorporate more reading and writing into the art curriculum I teach.  It will also be very helpful to be able to teach struggling writers with more knowledge on how to help them overcome their reading and writing challenges.


In my classroom